Thyme shallot stock by Jens Rittmeyer


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This strong brew from Jens Rittmeyer’s manufactory is ideal for hearty meat dishes, but also very well suited for grilled vegetables or risotto dishes, for example. Just heat it up briefly, stir, done.

Thyme and shallots make a wonderful pair! For this reason, star chef Jens Rittmeyer has processed the pleasantly tart kitchen herb and fine, mild shallots into a tasty brew. Hearty meat dishes are particularly happy about this.

Ingredients: Veal bones, poultry carcasses, poultry meat, onion, carrot, celery, celery, water, white wine, red wine, sherry, madeira, red port wine, shallots, peeled tomatoes, balsamic vinegar, butter, thyme, white pepper, bay leaf, mustard seed, allspice, salt

Content: 200 ml
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