Braised beef jus from Jens Rittmeyer


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Intense, profound, but without complaining – that’s how a sauce with meat should taste. Jens Rittmeyer’s braised beef jus is the absolute guarantee of success for every roast beef and many other meat dishes!

The braised beef jus is made from the bones of free-range cattle from the Wümme region in Lower Saxony. This dark basic sauce gives your sauces the characteristic, hearty beef taste. Star chef Jens Rittmeyer elaborately prepares a concentrated base jus for meat dishes from the best beef bones, poultry and lots of vegetables, butter, Madeira, sherry, port wine and high-quality spices . Only natural ingredients are put into the pot, which the “sauce god” cleverly combines.

Ingredients: Beef bones, beef, veal bones, poultry carcasses, water, onion, red wine, celery, celery, carrots, shallots, madeira, sherry, red port, peeled tomatoes, balsamic vinegar, butter, white pepper, rosemary, thyme, garlic, bay leaf, thyme , allspice, mustard seed, salt

Content: 200 ml
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