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"Anyone who likes to eat caviar runs the risk of becoming addicted to roes..."

Gerald Drews

Everything you always wanted to know about caviar but were afraid to ask.

Caviar is a unique natural product. Many questions and secrets are entwined around the black gold. The nine questions we are asked most frequently

we have compiled and answered them here for you. If you have other questions, we look forward to hearing from you – and we’re happy to help!

Caviar is a unique natural product. Many questions and secrets are entwined around the black gold. The nine questions we are asked most frequently we have compiled and answered them here for you. If you have other questions. We look forward to your message – and we’re happy to help!

How is caviar made?

All caviar sold legally today comes from aquaculture. At Kaluga Queen, our production facility in China, the sturgeons swim in low stocking densities in special net enclosures.

For the production of first-class caviar , such as we want to offer to our customers, the animal cannot remain alive.

The fish selected for production are punctured to take small samples. If this is positive, the fish is processed. First, however, he goes to the “Fasting Area” for four weeks.

During this time the sturgeons do not get any further food, but an extremely large amount of fresh, cold and moving water. This is to create a clear and clean caviar flavor. The subsequent final processing of the animal takes place in a total of 16 steps. Opening the abdominal wall reveals the roe. Each female sturgeon can produce up to 12 percent of her body weight in caviar.

Where does caviar come from?

Imperial Caviar comes from the Chinese province of Zhejiang, south of Shanghai. There are sturgeon farms all over the world, with large differences in quality. Most of the cultivated caviar traded today comes from Europe and the Far East.

Where is the best place to buy caviar?

Every caviar you buy comes from specially bred sturgeons from fish farms. Wild caviar is no longer available, at least not legally. For good caviar, visit a delicatessen or your trusted fishmonger. You can conveniently order your favorite caviar online in our shop – it will reach you the very next day! Or you can visit us personally in Berlin, taste our varieties and take your favorite home with you!

What is the best way to eat caviar?

First of all: Caviar should never be eaten with silver or metal cutlery, as this leads to oxidation and impairs the taste of the caviar. Instead, use a small horn spoon or a mother-of-pearl spoon. Plastic works too. Take the caviar out of the fridge about 5 minutes before serving and only open the can immediately before consumption. Fill a bowl with ice and place the caviar can in it. But be careful: the caviar must not come into contact with ice or water!

For the perfect presentation, discover our beautiful caviar bowls here!

What do you eat with caviar?

Which side dish you serve with caviar depends entirely on the variety. In general, blinis, potatoes, boiled eggs or lightly buttered toast are very tasty companions. Some types of caviar, such as our Imperial Auslese or Beluga , can also be spooned very well on their own. Ice-cold vodka and champagne or a dry white wine are suitable as accompanying drinks.

Our caviar advisor will be happy to help you find the right side dish! Or browse through our caviar recipes , which can be prepared quickly without much effort.

How should caviar be stored?

Store caviar in the back of the refrigerator at a constant temperature of approx. -2° C to + 6 – 8° C. In our vacuum cans, the caviar can be kept for three months from receipt under these conditions.

How long does opened caviar keep?

Once you open a can, continue to refrigerate and consume the caviar within a few days.

Which caviar is the best?

Tastes (fortunately) differ, which is why it is difficult to say which caviar is really the best. Every caviar lover has a variety to which he usually remains loyal. Beluga is one of the most expensive types of caviar. Of all the varieties, this type of sturgeon needs the most time before the first roe forms. Accordingly, Beluga is not as frequently available as, for example, our Imperial Auslese . Many customers tell us again and again that this is their favourite. This caviar is again available at an unbeatable price-performance ratio!

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