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Order Imperial Caviar - small moments of happiness online

Choose between our four best types of caviar. For each product you will find a detailed description of the texture and taste. We usually have all cans between 10g and 1,800g available.

  • Among connoisseurs the noblest of the noble. At the same time an ideal caviar for...

    ab 25,00 
  • Once beluga, always beluga. This unbelievably creamy and aromatic caviar promises maximum pleasure that you...

    ab 39,00 
  • Smaller grain, but wonderfully nutty in taste and with a magnificent play of colors. Ossetra...

    ab 20,00 
  • Elegant, complex, very aromatic. Our Baerii is perfect for anyone who prefers intense caviar enjoyment....

    ab 18,00 

Imperial caviar in a set - try it yourself.

people are different. Situations and preferences are too. With our gourmet sets you can readjust your taste compass and discover your favourites. Available in sets of three or four varieties.

Imperial Wagyu

Discover our Imperial Wagyu. Possibly the best beef in the world from the Miyazaki region of Japan.
Imported exclusively for our customers, selected by master craftsmen and packaged in portions suitable for household use.

Imperial Manuka Honey

Its unique quality and distinctive aroma make Manuka honey the most extraordinary honey in the world. Used internally or externally, it is particularly effective in treating infections, colds, wounds or inflammation.

Trendy caviar from Imperial Caviar

Our salmon, trout and char roe are ideal for all connoisseurs who want to crown their breakfast egg with a spoonful of caviar even in everyday life. Here you can expect big, crisp roe and lots of taste!

Sauces by Jens Rittmeyer

The star chef from Buxtehude is the expert when it comes to high-quality and aromatic sauces. For Imperial Caviar he has developed two creations that are perfectly matched to the combination with caviar and salmon.

New: Highest quality Kampot pepper

Kampot pepper: a noble treasure! The pepper of the plant species Piper Nigrum has a globally protected designation of origin.

Its cultivation area is clearly defined – real Kampot pepper grows on plantations in the province of the same name in southern Cambodia, whose soil and climate offer the best conditions for the ripening of a top product.

Discover selected peppers from our partner Hennes Finest. The perfect combination not only with Imperial Waygu.

Soya Original by Soy & Soul

Soya Original from our partner Soy & Soul – some call it perhaps the best soy sauce in the world. The celebrated shōyu by Tommi Eder-Dananic, head chef at Restaurant Ikarus in Salzburg’s Hangar-7. Now also available from us!

Salmon & Truffle Sauces

Whether fine Norwegian salmon fillet or truffle sauce with truffles from Italy – we warmly recommend these gourmet products for special moments of pleasure. 

The ideal complement to our caviar...

Make your enjoyment experience perfect. These products are ideally suited to the combination with Imperial Caviar.

Silverware for enjoying caviar

Our silverware comes from Sonja Quandt’s silver manufactory and is a handmade one-off. The elegant silver bowls make the presentation of your caviar unique. Ideal for discerning connoisseurs.