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Imperial Caviar: Our history

Your partner for caviar since 1997

The managing directors of Imperial Caviar: Reza Korouji and second generation Ramin Korouji

A family business. We live for caviar!

Imperial Caviar was founded in 1997 by Alireza Korouji. Almost nine years later, the graduate engineer became aware of Kaluga Queen.

With the decline of wild caviar, he decided to support the Chinese company in sturgeon farming and caviar production. Thus, on the one hand, he contributed his personal expertise, and on the other hand, he sent his Persian caviar masters to the Far East to train their colleagues there in the basics and finesses of caviar production.

Today we produce our caviar within the infrastructure of Kaluga Queen and enjoy the first choice in selection thanks to our close cooperation.

We have been in the caviar business for 25 years. As a family, this wonderful product has been with us for a lifetime. Due to our Persian homeland and proximity to the Caspian Sea, we have become acquainted with wild caviar, which is no longer available today, and we know exactly how delicious it tasted in its day. Therefore, we are one of the few dealers who can make a direct comparison with farmed caviar – a great advantage in selecting only the best products.

Imperial Caviar belongs to the world’s top caviar producers. However, we have not rested on our success, but are constantly developing and perfecting our work steps. In this way, we can always offer the best possible quality and excellent service to all customers, whether they are caviar novices or experienced gourmets.

100% customer service

Not only does the quality of our products come first, we also really want to live by the motto “The customer is king”. Our customer service starts with maximum flexibility and ends with the fastest possible delivery of your order.

100% transparency

Imperial Caviar applies the highest degree of transparency: Our supply chains are traceable right down to the fish, the goods reach the end consumer safely and under the greatest possible hygienic conditions. Not only do we meticulously comply with all conditions relevant to species protection, we also support them intensively, no matter how great the effort. Last but not least, every order reaches its owner the very next day, within Berlin even on the same day.