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We are Imperial Caviar, Berlin.

Your partner for caviar since 1997

The caviar experts. For over 30 years!

Imperial Caviar is one of the largest caviar importers in Europe. We owe this not only to the expertise of more than 30 years of Persian caviar production, but also to our deep connection to the product, which is reflected in all areas of the company.

We serve private customers, wholesalers and the catering trade with first-class caviar, the latter even all over the world. Guests from airlines, cruise ships as well as star and top restaurants enjoy varieties such as Imperial Auslese, Beluga, Baerii and Ossetra from our house every day.

We are proud of the loyalty of our customers and want to spoil each and every one of them with pure pleasure!

In order to select the best products for you, our Persian caviar masters visit our production partner regularly Kaluga Queen on site. Kaluga Queen is now the world’s largest farmed caviar producer, in which we have the greatest confidence.

Hardly any other product apart from caviar requires such meticulous precision, care and competence. We are driven by continuously perfect results and consistently high quality for our customers.

Our caviar

In contrast to many other retailers, our quality control begins with the selection of the fish. A sturgeon from Kaluga Queen can only be used for caviar production if it meets our high standards. The final caviar selection is very special, because we have the privilege of being the first to select our products for resale from over 70 tons of caviar. There is no question that only the best of the best is selected by our caviar masters.
In addition to the quality of the fish eggs, their maturity, appearance, size and color as decisive criteria for the production of Imperial Caviar, it is above all individual customer requests that our caviar masters use to make their selection. Regardless of whether the caviar should be light, dark, intense or mild, we always try to accommodate individual preferences.

Our production

Our Kaluga Queen manufacturing facilities are located south of Shanghai, in Zhejiang Province. Here, the Huangshan Mountains supply fresh cold water to the man-made Qiandao Lake, the habitat of breeding sturgeon.

Modern, animal-friendly breeding conditions and short transport routes are just a few of the many unique selling points that Kaluga Queen production has. Within a very short time, the fish are taken from the breeding tank to production, where the fresh roe is processed into caviar of the highest quality according to an old Persian recipe.

Arrived at our headquarters in Berlin, we make the final selection and fill the roe into our cans by hand. Not many retailers today enjoy the privilege of decanting from original cans into smaller containers. With more than 25 years of company history, we are among the first dealers who were allowed to do this.

We meticulously check the different types of our fresh imported goods for temperature, appearance, smell, consistency and taste and classify the products according to the finest differences in taste and color nuances. In this way, we individually create the preferred choice for every gourmet.

In addition to the utmost care, sustainability is an essential part of our work. This is how all the fish is processed at Kaluga Queen. Third-party processing companies, for example, obtain leather from the skin of the sturgeons, and the fillets are offered as a delicacy. Each of our cans has its own code and each sturgeon has its own identification number, with which the animal can be tracked.

100% customer service

Not only does the quality of our products come first, we also really want to live by the motto “The customer is king”. Our customer service starts with maximum flexibility and ends with the fastest possible delivery of your order.

100% transparency

Imperial Caviar applies the highest degree of transparency: Our supply chains are traceable right down to the fish, the goods reach the end consumer safely and under the greatest possible hygienic conditions. Not only do we meticulously comply with all conditions relevant to species protection, we also support them intensively, no matter how great the effort. Last but not least, every order reaches its owner the very next day, within Berlin even on the same day.