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CITES was signed in Washington in 1973. The Convention has binding international character. It has at present 166 member states. The CITES approach is based on the states themselves assuming responsibility for the protection and sustainable use of species on their territory in order to ensure that the trade in protected species and their products does not have an adverse effect on the survival of these species. Since April 1998 all species of sturgeon have been listed in Annex II and in Annex I of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species and, therefore, governed by its regulations. Given the intensive controls and strict provisions of CITES, the illegal trade in caviar has fortunately dwindled. The transparent and proper documentation of trade products also makes a major contribution to protecting and preserving the endangered species.

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Cites Labeling

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All the products of our company are given a CITES control seal and a CITES number allocated to each import/export before being released for dispatch. Products with a CITES control seal comply with the provisions of the Convention on the International Trade in Endangered Species. When it comes to these products their origin is certain and safe. In addition to our commitment to breeding new generations of sturgeons we are proud to contribute to the preservation of endangered species.



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