With Heart and Soul

Dear valued Friends of our house, Dear Gourmets, With all due respect and a little pride, we are very pleased to give you some insight into our work and our philosophy with our new company brochure. Every day we bow to the unique taste which nature reveals to us in caviar. Our extraordinary esteem for this product, which we share with you, is a constant incentive for us to always maintain our high quality and meticulous precision standards and, if possible, to raise them even further. We are very happy with the great care shown by our fully trained staff, the competence of our caviar experts and the constant achievement of a degree of perfection which is without parallel. If, by any chance, you have not yet had the pleasure of tasting our caviar products, then you have something special to look forward to. You are certain to be delighted.

your Ali Reza Korouji
managing Director



From only the finest breeding farms in the world.



…arguably the finest and most precious spice in the world.

Gourmet Salmon


Premium salmon filet of the extra class.
Cold smoked!